Gourmet Kobeburger Patties   

Enjoy four (4) delicious 1/4 pound Kobeburgers in  every box of Gourment Kobeburgers.

Fresh Ground Kobe Made from Wagyu Beef. One Pound Brick of all Natural American Style Kobe. "Healthy & Delicious"

The Ultimate Gourmet Frozen Kobeburger:
Enjoy the Ultimate 2 Pack of  1/4 pound -  Gourmet Kobeburgers.  Fresh Frozen and ready to cook for the Family on the go.

The Kids Ultimate Kobeburger Slider.  ​Enjoy six (6) 2 oz Kids Kobeburger Sliders.   Healthy and Delicious and perfect for every Birthday party.

The Family Pack Sliders. ​Enjoy eight (8) 2 oz Kobeburger Sliders for the whole family to enjoy in every box of Kobeburger Sliders.