The Superior Gourmet Kobeburger Collection:

Gourmet Kobeburger Patties:

Enjoy four (4) delicious 1/4 pound Burgers in  every box of Gourment Kobeburgers.

Fresh Ground Kobe Made from Wagyu Beef. One Pound Brick of all Natural American Style Kobe.

The Ultimate Gourmet Kobeburger:

Enjoy the Ultimate 2 Pack of  1/4 pound -  Gourmet Kobeburgers.  Fresh Frozen and ready to cook for the Family on the go.

The Family Pack Sliders:

Enjoy eight (8) 2 oz Kobeburger Sliders for the whole family to enjoy in every box of Kobeburger Sliders. 

American Style All Natural Kobe Beef is well known to be the finest quality of meat available in the U.S.A.

The Kids Ultimate Kobeburger Slider:  Enjoy six (6) 2 oz Kids Kobeburger Sliders. Healthy and Delicious and perfect for every Birthday party.

Superior Gourmet Kobeburgers: